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20 Ways to Maintain Mental Health Over the Summer

20 Ways to Maintain Mental Health Over the Summer

by Nina Westbrook

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The school year came to a close, the sun is shining bright, and travel is on the horizon…summer has arrived! It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the season but it’s also entirely normal if you’re feeling a little bit anxious. Summer days can mean figuring out creative ways to keep your kids entertained while you work or you might be so excited to get everything in that you start to leave your healthy habits behind (because who needs sleep, right?!). Regardless, it’s well known that the summer season can actually bring on more stress as opposed to less! I wanted to share a few of the tips I keep in mind when I’m trying to maintain my mental health over the summer in hopes that they prove helpful for you as well. Tap the image to save these ideas to your phone for easy reference over the next few months and be sure to share your own ideas in the comments below!


Before I go, I want to specifically speak to managing expectations. As we prepare for summer and the adventures that come with it, it’s easy to start fantasizing about how various trips and activities will or should go. We put pressure on ourselves to make the absolute most of every moment and to create super memorable experiences which can set us up for disappointment, and even resentment if the people we love aren’t on the same page. If you notice that you’re beginning to overplay your upcoming vacation, pull back and reset. Consider past experiences and set realistic expectations that your vacation and everyone involved can live up to. Then get out there and HAVE FUN!


  1. get in your h20 (up intake to 85 oz for the heat)

  2. set your summer mantra and say it out loud each day

  3. complete one random act of kindness every day

  4. manage your expectations

  5. don’t over commit yourself

  6. don’t throw your healthy habits out the window

  7. subscribe to a new podcast or buy a new book

  8. get 8 hours of sleep each night

  9. plan a getaway and really check out

  10. start journaling

  11. focus on quality time with friends and family

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  12. explore the farmer’s market

  13. reconnect with someone you’ve been missing

  14. get outside (but don’t forget your spf)

  15. take a sunset walk

  16. go on a picnic

  17. have a dance party…with friends or alone

  18. treat yourself to a dose of self care at the spa or in your own home

  19. ask for help

  20. meditate

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