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My Top Picks For Faux Plants to Liven up Your WFH space

My Top Picks For Faux Plants to Liven up Your WFH space

By Nina Westbrook

These faux plants will help make your work from home space feel good! Let’s face it, being a plant mom is hard! Why take on the added stress if it’s more than you can handle right now?

I’m a proud plant mom! I have about 10 real plants and trees inside my home. Some are succulents and require a little less of my time, while others keep me pretty darn busy! Don’t get me wrong, I love tending to my plants, but as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur, it can get overwhelming. I don’t know where I got a negative stigma about faux plants, but I’m happy to report that it is no longer a thing for me. Now I can’t stop searching the web for fun new faux plants to add to my bunch.

It’s your lucky day because I’ve done all the work for you! Check out my top 5 faux plants below. I mix the faux with the real plants in my home, and you can’t even tell the difference. Liven up and room, but for me, I love them in my workspace. It adds an elements of calmness to what can sometimes feel like never ending hectic days.


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