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Back to School: Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Back to School: Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Packing lunch for school day after day is no small task! Every family is working with a specific cocktail of food concerns and challenges. Whether you’re focusing on nutrient-dense foods, just aiming to fill your kid up in the middle of a long school day, trying to satisfy a picky eater, or navigating food allergies or sensitivities, we suggest making an ongoing list of lunch ideas that you can mix, match, and reference as the school year progresses. Here are a few of our healthy faves to get you started as well as some delicious recipes (a number of which are from the incredible JF Kitchen!) we’re linking you to in hopes that you can reference this post for inspiration throughout the year:



Be sure to read 5 Ways to Introduce Your Kids to a Healthy Lifestyle for more scoop on creating healthy family habits!

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