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Nina Westbrook on Deepening Your Connections

Nina Westbrook on Deepening Your Connections

Her new card came will help you strengthen your bond with others—and yourself.

By Jane Burnett Published: Apr 21, 2023

We have a soft spot for women who prioritize their well-being and want to help others do the same. Nina Westbrook is one of those women. She is not only a licensed family and marriage therapist but also the founder and editor in chief of Bene, an online wellness hub that offers resources like e-workshops and helpful articles. 

As if Westbrook weren’t busy enough, she and her husband (NBA player Russell Westbrook) have three kids. Even with all this going on, Westbrook says she finds time to prioritize the meaningful friendships and bonds in her life. One way she does that? By playing the new card game she developed. Do Tell! is meant to “spark meaningful conversation between friends and loved ones as you bond over your exploration of important topics like intimacy, intention, wellness, and self-awareness,” according to the website. The cards are split up into different categorieswith names like “Keep It Cool” and “Spice Things Up.” But if you’d rather plead the fifth, you can skip a question and pick a “One Good Deed” card instead, then follow the prompt.

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