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Love, Laughter & Open Relationships with Shan Boodram: The Relationship Chronicles Revisited

Love, Laughter & Open Relationships with Shan Boodram: The Relationship Chronicles Revisited

In a recent episode of The Relationship Chronicles Podcast, Nina sits down with Shan Boodram, a certified sex educator and intimacy expert, to dive headfirst into everything love, laughter, and unconventional relationships. 

Shan kicks things off with a story about how she met her now-husband. He’s strolling leisurely through a store, casually browsing while she’s anxiously tapping her foot at the checkout. Who knew that this unlikely encounter would blossom into something extraordinary?

Shan and her husband noticed their differences early on and both realized that they wanted what the other person brought to the table. For them, those differences create a recipe that encourages a sense of self-expansion and personal growth that continues to draw them closer.

Shan talks about transitioning from friends with benefits to an open relationship by focusing on clear, honest communication – no labels, no rush. She and her husband allowed their connection to steer the ship which enabled them to explore the uncharted waters of intimacy while staying true to their unique connection.

Nina and Shan also explore the exciting world of parenthood, shedding light on how kids can throw a curveball into your once-sizzling sex life. They tackle the challenges children bring to the mix, including everything from role shifts to added responsibilities and sleepless nights noting that it can feel like juggling fireballs, but each couple found their rhythm, leaned on one another, and discovered their own ways to reignite the passion.

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Press play above to watch the full episode and don’t forget to pick up Shan’s book The Game of Desire which features surprising dating techniques and exclusive workshops from a range of experts. Then tune into her Lovers and Friends Podcast where she takes a weekly deep dive into anything and everything sex, relationships and the science of attachment.


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