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“I Founded Bene To Inspire Wellness In Every Area Of Life”

We’re all navigating our own individual journeys in life and we look forward to inspiring you as you travel through. Our mission is to provide a safe space where you can access resources and useful tools that will help you cultivate wellness in every way.

Nina Westbrook is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist offering exclusive mental health e-workshops with the goal of supporting women and youth on their unique journeys towards physical and emotional wellness. Nina’s Mental Health Workshops empower her to share her knowledge and expertise with an extensive audience, deploying a powerful message of hope and healing to the world.

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“Cultivating mental wellness is a commitment. It’s choosing to make time to nurture mental well-being, and it’s an ongoing progress. Don’t shy away from the challenge, because the upside is considerable. Staying informed on the latest tips and guides for cultivating your mental wellness is a great way to gather new ideas and keep things fresh.”

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“An impressive spot-on aid enabling self evaluation for development and improvement of mental and emotional well-being.”


This workshop helped me identify a number of negative thought patterns that impact my daily life. Understanding how those thoughts contribute to my sense of well-being and having techniques for challenging them has been priceless.”


“This workshop really helped me understand the importance of focusing on my mental health, just as much as my physical health.“ Keyonna