Let’s Dive Into Swim Safety with Nina Westbrook

Tips for keeping your children safe around the water blog home Since having children, water…

Nina’s Favorite Summer Products

Summer is in full swing and I am looking forward to soaking it all in with my husband and kids! From the best products for beach days to loungewear for lazy movie nights in with the family, I am rounding up the products that are making a splash this season! Xo Nina

A Conversation on Gender Inequality with Arianna Huffington

We are honored and thrilled to feature the ultimate boss woman, the incredible co-founder of The HuffPost, founder of Thrive and author of fifteen books (yes, you heard that right!) Arianna Huffington! We welcome Arianna to the Bene by Nina blog today to discuss how she addressed gender bias + inequality and the role of wellness in the workplace.

Show Your Pride! 4 Ways to Support the LGBTQ+ Community

Happy Pride Month! It’s the time of year when we honor those who came before us, reflect on how far we have come, and celebrate the incredible accomplishments of the LGBTQ+ community!

Raising Kind Kids: How to Create a Culture of Caring at Home

The real test of parenting is not what your children achieve, but who they become and how they treat others. As parents our job is to teach our kids the importance of caring for others, but how can we do that in our busy daily lives? Here are 5 tips for creating a culture of caring at home!

My Mother’s Day Gift List and a Special Reminder

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and Nina’s sharing a special message with her fellow mothers. 

Raising Readers: 3 Tips For Fostering Your Child’s Love of Reading

March is National Reading Month, a time of year dedicated to celebrating all things reading.…

My Top 5 Tips For Traveling With Children

Traveling with kids can be bond-building experience for everyone, but it’s also challenging! Beyond delays, you’re forced to consider sleep schedules, picky eaters, hangry moods, short attention spans, meltdowns, and more! I’m sharing a few tips and tricks that have made traveling with my own kids smoother and more enjoyable throughout the years.

Michelle Saahene of Privilege to Progress on Wellness as Social Justice

A conversation with Michelle Saahene, co-founder of From Privilege to Progress, an organization dedicated to desegregating the public conversation around race and racism.

How Do I talk to My Children About Race?

February is Black History Month, a time dedicated to celebrating the stories and accomplishments of Black Americans throughout history.