4 Ways To Connect With Your Partner When Life Gets Busy

We want our relationships to thrive, especially when life is busy and challenging, so we’ve rounded up 4 no-nonsense strategies for connecting with your spouse or partner when life gets super busy.

Dr. Mariel Buqué on Intergenerational Trauma

Dr. Mariel Buqué is a Columbia University-trained licensed psychologist, holistic mental health expert, and sound bath meditation healer who dedicates her days to supporting others on their journeys towards mental wellness by sharing guidance, resources, and actionable tips for coping with intergenerational trauma.

Minaa B On Community Care

Minaa B teaches others how to cultivate self-care and self-advocacy. We explore these passions as well as how boundaries and community care support a collective healing through this conversation meant to inspire you to check in, both with yourself and with the world around you.

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When it comes to healthy living, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by trends. Here are 5 ways to introduce your kids to a healthy lifestyle.

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