Nina’s Tips for Finding Calm in the Chaos

With the never-ending demands that show up in both our personal and professional lives, day-to-day…

The Power of Daily Journaling

Have you ever wanted to start your day happier, more focused, and more mindful? Think…

Nina’s Favorite Pump You Up Playlists

We all march (or shall we say dance?) to the beat of our own drum and that’s something to be proud of! When you’re in need of a little reminder that your unique qualities are amazing, music (although not medicinal) is scientifically proven to pump you up and improve your mood!

Happy National Dog Day! 10 Reasons You Need a Dog In Your Life

Ever feel like you love and treat your dog almost as if they are one of your best friends or closest family members? Well that’s because they are! Dogs are some of the most loyal animals out there – and with that loyalty comes many benefits that improve both your mental health and your daily life.

Curating Wellness at Home with Bobby Berk

I am beyond thrilled to share my conversation with Bobby Berk, a multi-faceted interior designer, entrepreneur, and design guru from the award-winning Netflix series Queer Eye, a reality show known for its strong representation of the LGBTQ+ community and inclusivity of people of color.

Nina’s Favorite Wellness Podcasts and Books

When life gets busy, a great way to promote self-care is by diving into a good book or listening to a podcast. These are tools that can encourage you to put your mental health first while helping you focus on your personal needs through education, self-awareness, and mindfulness.

Today I’m sharing a brief list of the books and podcasts that are currently topping my list! Each has helped me in some form or fashion as I work to prioritize mental health and wellness in my everyday life.

Journey in Grace

I am so delighted to welcome Author, podcaster, 2x grammy nominated, and Dove award-winning singer/songwriter/producer,…

#BENEDAYS Supporting Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and a time to draw attention to and reduce the stigma so many experience living with mental or behavioral health issues. Join me in making your mental health a priority with #benedays!

How Do I Choose the Right Therapist?

One of those crucial lessons we learn over time is the importance of taking care…

Social Media and Mental Health: Scroll For Self-Love

by Nina Westbrook Ah, social media, where do we begin? From Instagram and Facebook to…