Wellness Apps We’ll Be Using In 2022

With a list of fresh goals in place and all of the possibility that a new year holds, it’s easy to start feeling a little overwhelmed.

An Intentional You in 2022: A Simple Guide to Mapping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Research has shown that people who set New Year’s resolutions are 10 times more likely to make behavior changes than people who don’t. We’re cutting through the noise and sharing an intentional process that will help you establish goals you’ll actually stick to!

Peace on Earth: Cultivating Inner Calm During the Holidays and Beyond

What does peace on Earth really mean? Defined as tranquility, calm, or the absence of conflict, peace—and the lack thereof—can take on many forms. We’re taking a look at the role peace plays in our daily lives and then exploring how to live more at peace with ourselves and with others!

The Bene Holiday Survival Guide

The holiday season is upon us! Are you feeling joyful? Stressed? Excited? ‘Tis the season for being nonstop busy and sometimes we all need a little help staying grounded. Check out my tips for keeping the peace, plus some shoppable items that will have you feeling healthier and happier this holiday season!

Time To Check In

The holidays bring up a mix of emotions—joy, excitement, anxiety, and exhaustion to name a few. Many of us may be carrying a heavier-than-normal mental load as we process all of the beauty (and stress) that comes with the holiday season. Time for a mental health check-in!

7 Ways To Avoid Overscheduling This Holiday season

Holiday season is here and we’re looking forward to the festive gatherings and fun traditions it brings. But if glancing at your calendar makes you cringe, you may be overscheduled. The good news? This is entirely within your control to change! We’re sharing 7 strategies you can start implementing today to set yourself up for a calmer, more enjoyable holiday season!

Mental Health Doesn’t Have to be Scary!

If you’re struggling with mental illness or suspect a loved one is, figuring out how to address it can feel daunting. Today, we’re sharing a few ways to approach conversations around mental health because it doesn’t have to be scary!

5 Ways to Improve Body Image During Pregnancy

Every woman responds differently to the changes she may experience throughout pregnancy and a woman’s body image is an important factor that impacts how she processes the experience. Explore 5 ways to improve body image while pregnant!

Depression Education and awareness Month

October is Depression Education and Awareness Month and we’re all about approaching mental health in a real, transparent way that raises awareness and lowers the stigma around mental illness. If you haven’t addressed your depression or the depressive tendencies of a loved one, now’s the time to start the conversation.

5 Ways to Boost A Teenager’s Confidence

There is so much uncertainty wrapped up in adolescence and that can cause teens to question their worthiness and capacity to navigate everyday life. Though parents may not be able to control a child’s confidence, we can establish healthy family patterns and powerful communication practices that encourage teens to love themselves as they navigate life’s ups and downs.