Peace on Earth: Cultivating Inner Calm During the Holidays and Beyond

What does peace on Earth really mean? Defined as tranquility, calm, or the absence of conflict, peace—and the lack thereof—can take on many forms. We’re taking a look at the role peace plays in our daily lives and then exploring how to live more at peace with ourselves and with others!

The Bene Holiday Survival Guide

The holiday season is upon us! Are you feeling joyful? Stressed? Excited? ‘Tis the season for being nonstop busy and sometimes we all need a little help staying grounded. Check out my tips for keeping the peace, plus some shoppable items that will have you feeling healthier and happier this holiday season!

Maintaining Friendships at Different Stages of Life

Adulthood is complex in many ways, and one thing that becomes more apparent as we navigate our 20s and 30s is that it can become difficult to maintain friendships with people who may be in different stages of life. Maybe you don’t see your college friend group as often as you did after you graduated, or your best friend is getting married and you’re still living the single life.

3 Simple Ways to Stay on Top of Your Mental Health Every Day

How often do you take a step back and ask yourself, “How am I really doing?” Mental health not only affects your physical health, but it also impacts how you perceive yourself and the world around you. In fact, mental health encompasses your emotional well-being as well as your ability to recognize and regulate your emotions.

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Nina’s Favorite Pump You Up Playlists

We all march (or shall we say dance?) to the beat of our own drum and that’s something to be proud of! When you’re in need of a little reminder that your unique qualities are amazing, music (although not medicinal) is scientifically proven to pump you up and improve your mood!

Happy National Dog Day! 10 Reasons You Need a Dog In Your Life

Ever feel like you love and treat your dog almost as if they are one of your best friends or closest family members? Well that’s because they are! Dogs are some of the most loyal animals out there – and with that loyalty comes many benefits that improve both your mental health and your daily life.