Homes & Gardens presents: Wake up with Nina Westbrook

Before playing the zone with her three kids, Nina Westbrook’s game plan starts with a…

Twin Mom Survival Guide: My tips for twin moms & my favorite products for twins

Here’s the deal – every expectant twin mom and any mom out there raising twin…

New Year, Now You with SheKnows

A lot of us struggle with the notion of ‘having it all’ – being caring moms for our children while also following our own dreams and carving out space for personal growth. I’m always the first to say that a perfect balance doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a life that is filled with intention. One that allows you to care for others while also caring for yourself in the process!

5 Reasons We All Need Therapy with Dr. Ashley D. Anderson

Dr. Ashley D. Anderson, author of the blog post ‘Five Reasons We All Need Therapy,’ discusses women’s health, mental well-being and the essential oils that changed her life.

person dropping paper on box
How to Mentally Prepare for Election Day (and Beyond)

We’re only a few days out from Election Day, and the stress and anxiety levels are at an all-time high for a lot of people. We’ve got to prepare ourselves mentally for Election Day and the days after since many experts are saying we won’t get results until later. And of course, we’ll need to get our mindsets in a good place for the outcome, no matter what happens.

Managing Holiday Stress During a Pandemic

The holidays are right around the corner. For some people, this is exciting news, while for others, the holidays can be downright stressful. What is it about this season that can create so much tension? Meghan Watson, a registered psychotherapist, has tips that can help.

If You Feel Mentally and Physically Exhausted 24/7, You May Have High-Functioning Anxiety

If you’re feeling mentally and physically exhausted 24/7, you may have high-functioning anxiety. Learn the signs and symptoms and how you can handle them.

Honoring World Mental Health Day with Nina Westbrook

World Mental Health Day is October 10! I’m sharing 3 tips for prioritizing your mental health this weekend.

Why You Physically Feel Like Shit After Therapy, Explained By Mental Health Pros

Turns out, working through all that mental and emotional trauma can absolutely take a physical…

5 Tips for Navigating Transition in Times of Uncertainty with Nina Westbrook

I had the opportunity to sit down for a virtual chat with Anna Jones, co-founder of Allbright, a business that supports women at all stages of their careers. Together we discussed how to navigate and adapt to transition in times of uncertainty, as part of their “Making it Work” series.