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How Nina Westbrook’s Do-Tell! Card Game Is Sparking Connection Through Conversation

“I BELIEVE THE FASTEST WAY TO UNDERSTAND ANOTHER PERSON IS THROUGH EXPLORATION.” BY DOMINIQUE FLUKER · UPDATED JANUARY 20, 2023 Coming off the heels of the pandemic, when connection and interpersonal relationships felt sparse and strained, the need for communication and to relate to one another is more important than ever.  Nina Westbrook knows that. The entrepreneur and founder […]

Nina Westbrook on Deepening Your Connections

Her new card came will help you strengthen your bond with others—and yourself. By Jane Burnett Published: Apr 21, 2023 We have a soft spot for women who prioritize their well-being and want to help others do the same. Nina Westbrook is one of those women. She is not only a licensed family and marriage therapist but also the founder and […]