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The Love & Complexities of the Mother Daughter Duo

The relationship between a mother and daughter is a complex and often intense bond that can be both beautiful and challenging. Despite these challenges, the mother-daughter relationship can also be a source of incredible strength and resilience.

Raising Kind Kids: How to Create a Culture of Caring at Home

The real test of parenting is not what your children achieve, but who they become and how they treat others. As parents our job is to teach our kids the importance of caring for others, but how can we do that in our busy daily lives? Here are 5 tips for creating a culture of caring at home!

Giving Tuesday: Investing in Maternal and Infant Health

This Giving Tuesday I’m investing in maternal and infant health. Join me, March of Dimes, and The Hill as we discuss the importance of improving access to quality maternal and infant health care throughout the country.

5 Ways to Improve Body Image During Pregnancy

Every woman responds differently to the changes she may experience throughout pregnancy and a woman’s body image is an important factor that impacts how she processes the experience. Explore 5 ways to improve body image while pregnant!