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Why You Should Detox Your Digital Life

We live in a time where technology is prevalent in every aspect of our lives, which can make it seem like we simply can’t live without it! With our smartphone alarms to wake us in the morning, our smart watches to alert us of every meeting and reminder throughout the day, our laptops to keep […]

Nina’s Favorite Summer Products

Summer is in full swing and I am looking forward to soaking it all in with my husband and kids! From the best products for beach days to loungewear for lazy movie nights in with the family, I am rounding up the products that are making a splash this season! Xo Nina

Social Media and Mental Health: Scroll For Self-Love

by Nina Westbrook Ah, social media, where do we begin? From Instagram and Facebook to Twitter, Tik Tok, Pinterest and Reddit, these platforms are a massive part of our everyday lives. Now we aren’t all immersed with every social media platform known to man, but instagram alone reached the 1 billion global user mark at […]

My Morning Routine

Morning rhythms set the tone for the day and I’ve learned how crucial a solid morning routine is to my overall wellness. Today I’m sharing the morning routine that’s been working for me lately plus a few go-to products that have found their way into my mornings.