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Bene Book Club: “All The Feels” Inspirational Journal

Hi friends! You know I love sharing my latest faves with you and this holiday season, I figure we shouldn’t just deck the halls – we should deck out our mental well-being too with the “All The Feels” journal! Created by my friend Jada Paul, you can picture this journal as your trusty co-pilot for […]

Nina’s Favorite Summer Products

Summer is in full swing and I am looking forward to soaking it all in with my husband and kids! From the best products for beach days to loungewear for lazy movie nights in with the family, I am rounding up the products that are making a splash this season! Xo Nina

My Morning Routine

Morning rhythms set the tone for the day and I’ve learned how crucial a solid morning routine is to my overall wellness. Today I’m sharing the morning routine that’s been working for me lately plus a few go-to products that have found their way into my mornings.