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How to Mentally Thrive as a Competitive Athlete

*Included in Bene Wellness Circle Membership.


Course Overview

Our wellness workshop, “How To Mentally Thrive as A Competitive Athlete,” can help you develop your Mental Fitness by providing mental skills training using 8 methods, tools, and techniques that develop mental fitness, self-confidence, and a positive mindset.

During this workshop, you will learn the power of visualization, goal setting, positive self-talk, and more. Our expert instructors will guide you through practical exercises and real-life scenarios to help you improve your mental resilience and overall performance.

Don’t let your mental barriers hold you back any longer. Enroll in our wellness workshop today and start thriving as a competitive athlete. You owe it to yourself to be the best you can be.

Your expert mental fitness instructors

Dr. Angela Charlton

Dr. Angela Charlton

Nina Westbrook

Training Includes

  • 7 skills, tools, and techniques
  • Expert advice from accomplish and experienced professionals in the sports sector
  • 5 instructional videos
  • 10 downloadable worksheets
  • Key takeaways to help you mentally thrive as a competitive athlete

Unlock the keys to reaching your potential

Join Nina Westbrook, LMFT, and special guest Dr. Angela Charlton, PhD, to learn effective tips and techniques for overcoming mental health struggles that arise due to the stress and pressure of playing competitive sports.

5 Min. Breathing Exercise​

This 5-minute breathing exercise that can be utilized any time to lower levels of stress and anxiety.

About Dr. Angela Charlton

Dr. Charlton is a dynamic and accomplished counseling professional with experience facilitating life skills groups and creating professional development and training programs. She has provided assistance and resources to professional athletes and their families; facilitating successful transitions for athletes in and out of the professional sports sector.

Gain Access to Exclusive 
Tools and Worksheets

From goal setting and gratitude journaling to exploring self-talk, the resources shared within this workshop are focused on offering you the support you need to tend to your mental health as often as you do your physical health.

What can I expect?


Introduction & Workshop Objectives

Video Introduction – 5:56


The Mental Challenges of being a Competitive Athlete

What Is Mental Health, Why Does It Matter and Where Does It Fit Into Our Lives?

Mental Health & Sports – 6:32


How to Mentally Thrive as a Competitive Athlete

Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty? – 8:41
 Positive Coping Mechanisms


Is this workshop only for professional athletes?

As a former collegiate athlete, I understand how large of a role mental health plays in both an athlete’s performance and sense of well-being.

Athletes at every level dedicate a great deal of time and energy to working on their physical fitness, but it is rare for athletes to give that same attention to their mental fitness.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, playing youth sports or play sports as a hobby, the tools and techniques in this workshop will boost your self-confidence and have a positive impact on your performance!