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My Morning Routine


Through the years I’ve learned how crucial a solid morning routine is to my overall wellness. Morning rhythms set the tone for the day. They ground us in what is most important and lay the foundation for our mindset over the next 12-ish hours. The components of a morning routine are incredibly personal, and what works for one person may not work for others.

Some of us are early risers while others need to sleep later. Many people prefer to exercise first thing, while others prefer a midday or afternoon workout. You may like to meditate in silence on your way to work, while your partner listens to loud music to get motivated. Today I’m sharing the routine that’s been working for me lately, plus a few go-to products that have found their way into my morning.

My Morning Routine

  1. Take care of my skin – No matter how short I am on time, I always wash and moisturize my face. This is by no means a lengthy process because I have to get the kids ready for school, but even just a few minutes spent caring for your skin can make a world of difference! The Vintner’s Daughter active treatment and serum or the Nature of Things facial moisturizer are my favorites and I’m including others below.

  2. Prep my favorite new coffee recipe – Whether you love coffee or tea, the process of making a special morning drink can actually be quite comforting. I’ve recently been doing my best to recreate the new Starbucks Iced Brown Sugar Oat milk Shaken Espresso…it’s the most delicious way to get in gear for another busy day!

  3. Focus on getting my children off to school – Instead of trying to multitask while the kids are at the house, I try very hard to stay focused on their morning routine. Trying to answer emails or prepare for a meeting while getting them ready for the day isn’t effective and only creates more stress. I find it’s a much more peaceful transition if I focus on them until they’re off to school and then I sit down to start my work day (with my homemade oat milk espresso in hand, of course).

  4. Make my list for the day – There are so many tips and tricks for making the most of your day, and many of them convey the importance of taking a moment after the dust settles to thoughtfully transition your mind so that you can begin to focus on what you really want or need to accomplish. I try to avoid just diving in without a prioritized plan because that can lead to a lot of wasted time or the feeling that all you did all day was spin your wheels. Breathe, prioritize, and tackle tasks in their order of importance!

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