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Black History Month: Ways to Celebrate


February marks the start of Black History Month, a federally recognized celebration of the contributions and achievements of Black people throughout history. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the struggles and challenges faced by Black communities and to work towards creating a more inclusive and just society.

There are many Black historical figures, past and present, that have moved mountains, opened doors and elevated the Black community through their words, beliefs and actions. To celebrate and continue the progression, we are rounding up the ways we can support the Black community. From supporting Black-owned businesses and getting involved in activism movements to watching educational documentaries and spreading awareness, here are 5 ways you can celebrate Black History Month — not just this month, but all year round. 

Educate yourself and others

Take the time to learn about the significant events and figures in Black history. Learn more about the noteworthy Black figures that have paved the path in the civil rights movement, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, and the contributions they have made. This can be done through reading books, watching Netflix documentaries, or attending events and lectures. Share your new knowledge with others to help raise awareness and understanding.

Support Black-owned businesses

One way to support and celebrate Black communities is to support Black-owned businesses. This can include shopping at Black-owned stores, eating at Black-owned restaurants, and hiring Black-owned service providers. Be intentional and go out of your way to shop at Black-owned businesses, write and share reviews about your positive experiences, and promote Black-owned businesses on social media or to your friends and family. Here are some Black-owned businesses that you can support:


Garner’s Garden

Transparent & Black

Girl + Hair

Eleven by Venus Williams

Get involved in activism and advocacy

Black History Month is a time to stand up for justice and equality. Consider getting involved in local activism and advocacy efforts, such as volunteering with organizations that support Black communities or attending protests and rallies. Donating to charities that support anti-racism equality is also a great way to get involved. Consider donating to the Black Youth Project, Loveland Therapy Fund, Amistad Law Project, as well as other grassroots organizations that do not receive as much widespread support. Here are a few more you can support today:


Black Visions

Reclaim the Block

Campaign Zero

Celebrate Black art and culture

Black history is not just about the past, it is also about the present and the future. Black culture is woven through American history in music, fashion, style, literature, food, politics, and much more. Celebrate the vibrant and diverse art and culture of the Black community by attending concerts, museum exhibitions, and other cultural events.

Reflect on the history and ongoing struggles of Black communities

Black History Month is also a time for reflection and contemplation. Take the time to think about the struggles and challenges faced by Black communities, both in the past and present, and consider what you can do to support and advocate for justice and equality. By taking the time to learn, support, and celebrate Black history and culture, we can work towards creating a more inclusive and just society for all. Remember to continue to show support and take action even when February is over.

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