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Empowerment & Wellness Unite at the 2nd Annual “Living Bene” Brunch Fundraiser


In the heart of Beverly Hills, the 2nd Annual Wellness Brunch Fundraiser, hosted by Nina Westbrook and co-hosted by Ana Zamora, Founder of The Just Trust, unfolded as a space full of mindfulness, kindness, and purpose. The Beverly Hills Hotel was abuzz on March 21, 2024, with influential thought leaders and innovators who came together to champion mental health and wellness, particularly for underserved communities.

Hosted by the lovely Monique Kelly, the event, themed “Living Bene,” was not just a gathering but a movement towards nurturing mindful and purpose-driven leadership, addressing wellness challenges, and finding solutions for women leaders. The intimate brunch, set against the backdrop of Women’s History Month, served as a pivotal moment for the Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation and The Just Trust, highlighting their commitment to accessible mental health and wellness resources, and criminal justice reform.

To set the tone, breath work champion Dylan Keese-Forster guided us through a calming meditation to set our intentions for the big day. Nina Westbrook, alongside panelists Ana Zamora, Nyakio Grieco, Founder of Thirteen Lune, and Vicky Vlachonis, Author of The Body Doesn’t Lie, shared invaluable insights into the importance of community, the intersection of mental health and criminal justice reform, leadership, the importance of inclusion and representation in the beauty space, and the profound impact of holistic wellness. The discussions, rich with personal anecdotes and professional wisdom, underscored the event’s goal: to forge meaningful connections and amplify the “Living Bene” theme.

This panel discussion was so important, that we decided to make it available to our Bene by Nina community. We extend a heartfelt invitation to join our wellness circle. Subscribers will soon have exclusive access to this and other enriching content, fostering a community dedicated to growth, happiness, and inner peace.

In the spirit of “Living Bene,” we encourage you to subscribe today for $4.99/month. Join us in our journey towards empowerment, wellness, and purposeful living. Together, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of those around us and beyond.

Subscribe now and be part of a community where mindfulness, kindness, and purpose are not just ideals but a way of life.

Until next time, continue to Live Bene!

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