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Why Daily Gratitude is Good for Our Mental Health


One simple yet powerful tool that I frequently recommend is the practice of daily gratitude. Gratitude is the act of focusing on and appreciating the good things in our lives, and it has been shown to have a multitude of benefits for our mental health and overall happiness. People who take the time to reflect upon the things they are thankful for experience more positive emotions and a sense of self-worth. Journaling every day and writing down what we are grateful for can improve our lives and remind us of the things that make us happy. Read on for some tips on how to incorporate this practice into your daily routine + a gratitude journal that you can download and start to use! Xo Nina

Allows us to celebrate the present

Focusing on the things we are grateful for helps to shift our perspective towards the positive aspects of our lives, which can lead to an increase in positive emotions such as joy, happiness, and contentment. One of the best ways to reap the benefits of gratitude journaling is to pay attention to the new things we are grateful for every day, as this slowly changes the way we perceive situations by adjusting what we focus on. Opening your eyes to more of the world around you can deeply enhance your gratitude practice. Make a game out of noticing new things each day.

Reduces negative emotions

Negative emotions can seriously undermine our happiness. Focusing on what we are grateful for can reduce negative emotions such as anger, frustration, and resentment. In fact, research has even shown that practicing gratitude can help to reduce the frequency and severity of episodes of depression. 

Increases self-esteem

When we practice gratitude, we are acknowledging the good things in our lives, which can help to boost our self-esteem and self-worth. It’s not just about being thankful for what you have, but also for who you are and what you’ve accomplished. Practicing gratitude can help you shift your mindset and appreciate other people’s achievements, as well as believe in yourself more fully.

Improves relationships

Gratitude has been shown to strengthen social bonds and improve relationships with others. When we express gratitude towards others, it can strengthen our connections and deepen our sense of community. It’s no surprise that our relationships with others have a huge impact on our happiness. That’s why it’s important to consider the people in our lives as we practice gratitude. Directing our gratitude towards the ones we love rather than circumstances or material possessions can increase the positive effects we experience. So when you’re feeling grateful, make sure to think about the people who have made a difference in your life.

Enhances well-being

The practice of gratitude has been linked to a variety of physical and mental health benefits, including improved sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, and increased overall well-being. When we are excited about the benefits of gratitude, it motivates us to want to incorporate it into our daily routine, which also results in giving us the kick to make better changes.

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