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World Renowned Event Planner Mindy Weiss Shares 3 Ways To Manage Wedding Planning Stress



Spring has sprung and, with the Covid vaccinations rolling out across the country, the event planning world is gearing up for a busy 2021 – 2022 season! One of my dearest friends, Mindy Weiss, has spent the past 30 years planning and producing the most amazing celebrations for clients all over the globe and her ability to bring events to life that really tell their stories is unparalleled!

Mindy is unbelievably creative. She’s thoughtful, kind, and full of energy but it’s her calming spirit that really makes her such a dream to work with, particularly when it comes to planning weddings. A wedding celebration is one of the biggest days in every couple’s journey and anyone who’s experienced the wedding planning process can tell you that it’s rarely stress-free!

But what if it could be?

Mindy recently joined forces with her colleague and lifelong friend, Debbie Geller, to launch MAD About Weddings. This 12-course program shares their exclusive approach to planning weddings as well as pro tips for reducing stress throughout the process. We’ll be chatting about this exciting debut on IG Live @mindyweiss TODAY at 2 p.m. EST/11 a.m. PST and hope you can join us!

In the meantime, Mindy’s sharing a few tips for managing stress when planning a wedding which we hope prove helpful if you’re currently in the process of planning your big day!

by Mindy Weiss

  1. Don’t plan your whole wedding in the first week of engagement. Many people forget that getting engaged and all of the excitement that surrounds that joyous occasion are cause for celebration. Take the time to enjoy each step of your engagement and the wedding planning process, always keeping in mind that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

  2. Establish and communicate a mutually agreed-upon budget. The budget conversation is never easy to have but it’s important to address it early to avoid tension and stress. Proactively managing financial expectations between family members contributing to the cost of the wedding ensures there are no surprises or unnecessary feelings of anxiety. This is also a great opportunity for you to practice managing joint finances with your partner!

  3. Don’t be disappointed if your partner doesn’t want to pick flowers with you. When you need a second opinion about flower arrangements or color palettes and your partner isn’t into it, don’t pressure them into participating. Invite a friend or family member or go solo and enjoy a moment that’s all YOU. The event planning process can be a long one so ask your partner which parts they would like to be involved in and cherish those shared moments together. It’s far more fun that way and I can promise you that nobody has ever missed a food tasting!

(Special shoutout to all of you couples who had to postpone your celebration due to the pandemic! Protecting the health and safety of your loved ones is most important but we know it’s an additional layer of stress that nobody could have planned for. We see you <3)

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