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Breaking the Stigma: 10 Powerful Ways to Support Mental Health Awareness Month


Mental Health Awareness Month is upon us and this is one of my favorite times of year because it’s an entire month dedicated to dismantling the stigma around mental health, while promoting healing and understanding worldwide.

Despite the fact that there has been some really strong progress around mental health care and there are more people talking about mental well-being than ever, a stigma around mental health conditions still exists and often prevents individuals from seeking the help they need.

This month, I invite you to join me as we explore how we can each do our part to help break down barriers and foster a more supportive community.

Understanding The Stigma Around Mental Health

The stigma around mental health is rooted in an element of societal disapproval and negative perceptions that people with mental health conditions are at a disadvantage.

Sadly, that negative attitude towards people with a mental health condition is widespread. It might look like a derogatory comment about someone’s mental state or treatment, or it could feel more subtle like avoiding someone based on assumptions that are made about their instability. Even self-judgment is quite common, and the damaging effects of this stigma can lead to people being reluctant to seek help. They may feel misunderstood by peers, might shy away from social interaction, and society’s reluctance to acknowledge and address mental health challenges can even lead to inadequate healthcare coverage.

So, how can we help?

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10 Ways to Show Your Support During Mental Health Awareness Month

  1. Educate Yourself and Others: Understand mental health issues and share this knowledge to dispel myths.

  2. Speak Up Against Stigma: Address misconceptions and provide accurate information when you encounter them.

  3. Be Conscious of the Language You’re Using: Choose words that are supportive and non-judgmental when discussing mental health.

  4. Encourage Equality Between Physical and Mental Illness: Advocate for mental health conditions to be treated with the same seriousness as physical health conditions.

  5. Show Compassion for Those with Mental Illness: Offer kindness and understanding to those facing mental health challenges.

  6. Choose Empowerment Over Shame: Promote positive stories of recovery and resilience.

  7. Advocate for Change on Social Media: Use your platforms to share positive messages and accurate information.

  8. Participate in Community Events: Engage in or organize activities like walks, workshops, or seminars to raise awareness.

  9. Support Mental Health Education in Schools: Push for educational programs that inform young people about mental health.

  10. Promote Access to Mental Health Services: Support efforts to make mental health services more accessible to everyone.

Together we can work together to change the narrative around mental health and break the stigma. 

Until next time, continue to Live Bene.

⎻ The Bene Team

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