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Happy National Dog Day! 10 Reasons You Need a Dog In Your Life


Ever feel like you love and treat your dog almost as if they are one of your best friends or closest family members? Well that’s because they are! Dogs are some of the most loyal animals out there – and with that loyalty comes many benefits that improve both your mental health and your daily life.

In honor of National Dog Day, I’m sharing 10 benefits of having a dog plus a few must-have products to help your furry friend celebrate their special day! Xo, Nina

10 Scientific Benefits to Having a Dog

Dogs can make us feel less alone

Dogs will always be there for you, even when people can’t be. Studies show that having a dog actually reduces feelings of loneliness as they fill our hearts with constant snuggles, unconditional love, and emotional support. 

Dogs are good for your heart 

Not only do dogs warm your heart, but according to studies, owning a dog helps reduce the risk of death and could also lower uneven blood pressure. Even just coming in contact with a dog and enjoying that human-dog relationship helps reduce stress, which is a leading cause of many cardiovascular problems.

Dogs help you reduce stress

Having a dog as a companion can help ease those anxious, stressful worries! Therapy dogs are specialized to help you feel more worry-free, taking your mind off of whatever is in front of you. Studies have shown that petting a familiar dog can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, can slow down your breathing, and even relax muscle tension.

Dogs help us cope with crisis

Dogs have also helped many people deal with triggering experiences that may be impairing their everyday lives. Military veterans experiencing PTSD tend to do better physiologically and psychologically when they have a service dog. People with service dogs often show fewer symptoms of PTSD as well as improved daily skills that help them cope with their trauma in a healthy way. 

Dogs encourage you to move

Dogs need their exercise as much as you do! So why not do it together?! Studies show that dog owners are nearly four times more likely than non-dog owners to meet daily physical activity requirements. All of those walks you take your pup on add up, helping you close your daily rings! 

Dogs may help you out of that relationship rut

If you’re looking for that special someone to share your life with, try getting a dog! Apparently, dogs can make a person look more at ease, relaxed, and generally happier, therefore potentially making them seem more attractive and likable. In fact, studies have shown that men are more likely to get a woman’s phone number when they have a dog with them. Whether you believe that or not, it couldn’t possibly hurt to bring your dog along next time you’re headed out with your sights set on meeting that special someone!    

Dogs make us more social 

Even if you’re not looking for a relationship, going out with your dog makes a great conversation starter which can potentially spark new friendships. Studies have shown that about 40 percent of dog owners had an easier time making friends. Let’s face it – your dogs want the best for you and it doesn’t hurt that they get a furry friend to play with too!

Dogs are so adorable that you can’t help but love ‘em

Dogs and puppies are simply irresistible – simple as that! And that’s because a dog’s facial structure owns an infant schema, which are certain physical features that are perceived as cute and that spark a caretaking behavior. So next time you’re falling in love with a puppy, don’t fight it – it’s only natural! 

Dogs can make us happier

Dogs have a way of making humans smile! They’re natural mood boosters and studies show that staring in your dog’s eyes can raise your level of oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.” If you get that joyful little feeling after interacting with a dog, it may be time to get one of your very own! 

Dogs help seniors with cognitive function and social interaction

Dogs have been proven to help seniors with long-term mental illnesses improve their cognitive abilities and brighten their moods. It has also been proven that dogs help reduce aggressive behavior in seniors with dementia or those who have struggle with social interactions.

With all of the wonderful things our dogs do for us, your pup deserves a day of playtime and pampering this National Dog Day! Here are a few things sure to make their special day stylish and rewarding.

Wild One Travel Carrier

Travel together with this super comfortable, modular Travel Carrier. With breathable mesh walls, a dual use leash / shoulder strap, and an interior cushion that folds out to become a comfortable dog bed, our airline compliant carrier is the home away from home your dog deserves. 

Maxbone Biodegradable Aloe Pet Wipes

These hypoallergenic wipes are made with skin nourishing ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E a + natural scents to keep skin feeling soft + smelling fresh.

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags

9”x13” doggy bags keep your hands safe, and odor contained. More than enough capacity for large dogs!

Maxbone Double Panel Dog Harness

Maxbone’s signature double panel harness is engineered for comfort and high performance, with an added top panel for a sleeker look.

Wild One Dog Treats – Veggie Burger

A protein-packed natural baked snack treat for dogs made with 9 organic ingredients including chickpeas, carrots and sweet potato.

Maxbone Coco Dog Leash

Practical, comfortable and ultra-luxe, the Coco dog leash features smooth leather with solid brass hardware for added extra durability.

Park Life Designs Naples Toy Basket

Soft-sided design that collapses for easy storage. Carry handles for portability. Crafted from sustainable, FDA-approved organic cotton rope.

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