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How to Navigate Family Drama and Conflict

white and brown concrete blocks With Insights From Nedra Glover Tawwab Written by The Bene Team In a recent episode of the Do Tell Relationship Podcast, therapist and Social Worker Nedra Glover and LMFT Nina Westbrook shared invaluable insights on managing family dynamics and fostering healthier relationships. The episode titled “Drama Free: Insights from Nedra Glover Tawwab” provided a comprehensive […]

5 Tips for Owning Mistakes In a Relationship

Mistakes are inevitable in any relationship; no one and no relationship is immune to them. Whether it’s a thoughtless word spoken during an argument, a forgotten anniversary, or a more significant misstep, what truly matters is how we navigate our mistakes and what we do next. Today, we’re exploring five tips on owning your mistakes […]

How to Address Shame When it Shows Up in Your Relationship

Shame can manifest in romantic relationships for a variety of reasons and it can often stem from past experiences, personal insecurities, or unhealthy dynamics. A few reasons shame might present itself in a relationship are:  If you’re noticing that shame keeps making an appearance in your relationship, it might be good to consider a few […]

Love, Laughter & Open Relationships with Shan Boodram: The Relationship Chronicles Revisited

In a recent episode of The Relationship Chronicles Podcast, Nina sits down with Shan Boodram, a certified sex educator and intimacy expert, to dive headfirst into everything love, laughter, and unconventional relationships.  Shan kicks things off with a story about how she met her now-husband. He’s strolling leisurely through a store, casually browsing while she’s […]

How To Learn to Love Yourself Again After Dating a Narcissist

Being in a relationship with a narcissist can be a traumatic experience. Narcissistic partners are often manipulative, self-centered, and emotionally abusive, which can often lead to a loss of self-confidence and emotional wellness in their partners. However, it is possible to heal from this experience and we’re exploring a few strategies that may help you […]

Can a Relationship Survive Infidelity?

Infidelity can be a devastating experience for anyone in a relationship. It can create a deep sense of betrayal, anger, and pain. However, while infidelity can be a major challenge to overcome, it does not necessarily mean the end of the relationship. In this blog, we will explore whether a relationship can survive infidelity and […]