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Moving in together? 10 expert tips for couples taking the next step

Including how to approach important conversations about money, chores and more.

Dating (And Being Single) During the Holidays

The holiday season can be a time of immense joy, timeless traditions and festive get…

How to Recognize a Co-dependent Relationship

Co-dependent people form and maintain relationships that are one-sided and emotionally destructive to both people involved. We’ve pulled together some common warning signs for you to consider when trying to determine whether a relationship is co-dependent.

4 Ways To Connect With Your Partner When Life Gets Busy

We want our relationships to thrive, especially when life is busy and challenging, so we’ve rounded up 4 no-nonsense strategies for connecting with your spouse or partner when life gets super busy.

Moving on After a Break-Up: Nina’s Do’s and Don’ts

The longer a partner was in your life, the longer it will take to move forward after a break-up. Be patient with yourself and check out these do’s and don’ts for moving forward.

6 Ways To Initiate Tough Conversations

by Nina Westbrook We’ve all been there. A boundary has been crossed, it’s seriously bugging…

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Nina Westbrook on How To Hold Your Partner Accountable As They Set New Goals

Whether you name it a resolution, an intention, or a goal, the beginning of a new year often inspires change. As the year goes on, though, it’s natural for motivation to wane. So, what’s the best way to hold a spouse or a partner accountable as they set new goals?

How to Move on From a Toxic Relationship

They say when you know better, you do better. I was in a toxic relationship; all the red flags and warning signs were there, yet I ignored them all.

Sugaberry: Good Partner to Great Parent – 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Nina jumped on Sugaberry to share how you can honestly assess whether that power couple feeling is the real deal that can grow from partner status into the heavyweight ranks of parenthood.